So, yeah. Been back to school this week. It’s been… exciting? Well, it’s gone by a lot faster than I expected. But that’s usually how it always is at the beginning of the semester. Especially the last semester.

This weekend, my Nana’s here to visit and we’re going to see 17 Again tonight with my mom and my little sister so that should be fun. I haven’t heard anything about it or Zac Efron but I’m hoping for the better ever since I found out that Efron actually has a sense of humor outside of Disney.

Nothing else much has gone. Well, except for a couple invites out to go meet new people with my friends in hopes of setting me up with a girlfriend soon though I’m fine with just being single. They think it’s for my benefit if I get a girlfriend sooner rather than later… Yeah, okay. I’ll go with it for now.

One last thing: Go and listen to the Silversuns Pickups‘ new album “Swoon”. They’re an amazing indie band, probably most known for their song “Lazy Eye” which can be played on Rock Band 2 and Guitar Hero: World Tour. Song I reccomend for first time listeners? “Panic Switch”. Enjoy!


Happy Easter everyone! First post on this blog so WOOHOO for that!

Nothing really exciting happened today. My family and I went to Church early in the morning so I didn’t get to sleep in. But Father Hoog was presiding over so it was forgivable. We got home, had a huge breakfast and watched Wall-E. I loved that robot; he’s so adorable. 🙂

Anyway, went and saw the Hannah Montana movie with my little sister, Emma. She went gaga over it and I just wasted another two hours of my life. (Do you think I’ll ever get those back? ‘Cause I kind of miss them…) We came back home and my other little sister, Sarah, made me watch The Cat Returns. (Huh, I guess I did get two hours back… Just not the ones I’m missing…)

So then, we had dinner. It was absolutely delicious. My mother always cooks the best meals and feels underappreciated so we all were loud and cheerful with our compliments of her food. She was more than pleased.

After dinner, I got onto the computer and went here ’cause my friend is the admin and it’s actually loads of fun to RP with friends and strangers alike.

Yeah, so that was my extremely dull day. I’ll be back tomorrow!

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